Electricity sub-metering made easy

Save thousands on network connections

Many tenants but just one network connection?

Installing each new connection and meter to the electricity network (called an MPAN) costs £1000s.

The usual alternatives are “bills included” rent, or use a sub-metering system and either chase tenants for the money, sell pre-payment cards or have the inconvenience of collecting and banking pound coins.

Until now...

A smart alternative to multiple network connections for a fraction of the usual cost

Our solution uses smart sub-meters to create virtual MPANs for each flat or business unit. We supply the meters for your electrician to install.
We run the meters, collecting payments from your tenants, and every month we refund the cost of the electricity straight into your bank account .

Easy for tenants to pay for their electricity

Your tenants simply prepay for their electricity over the internet or using our freephone 0800 number. Many tenants use our Auto Top Up system.
Credits are delivered within seconds over the mobile phone network. As payments are in advance, tenants never fall into arrears.
They can also pay with cash at Payzone outlets or their local Post Office.
We run a 24/7 UK based tenant helpline on our freephone number so you won’t get disturbed!

Secure and Reliable Sub Meters

Our meters are amongst the most tamper proof on the market, and automatically tell us of fraud attempts.

We only use robust and reliable meters. We look after them for life and will replace them if they develop a fault.  

For Domestic and Commercial Sites - Large and Small

We have successfully installed our system on over 500 sites – including HMOs, flat conversions, permitted development conversions of offices into residential units, industrial parks and office blocks.
On some industrial parks we can even take over the responsibility for paying the electricity supplier directly.
You can even use our solution to replace your old sub-meters.

Property and utility expertise

Our founder, Gary Wernick, has many years of experience in the energy market as well as being a landlord and property developer. In Landlord Metering he has gathered together a professional team to to deliver the metering service that will meet your needs with the first rate customer service that you deserve.


Over 500 Satisfied Customers

We have hundreds of satisfied customers across the country including private landlords, property developers, management companies, Housing Associations and the NHS.

Fair pricing for both Landlord and Tenant

Landlord Metering recognises that many of our tenants are in energy poverty and are keenly aware of our social responsibilities.
We only aim to make a modest profit, and run the meters cheaper than you would be able to do yourself and without any of the inconvenience.

Low set-up costs for Landlords

We charge a one off security deposit of £120 per meter with no VAT.
(For small orders the deposit is £175 for a single meter, and £150 for two or three).

Low running costs for Tenants

We charge a daily standing charge of 26.5p per day per sub-meter plus VAT (normally 5% for residential and small businesses), and add a margin of 2p per kWh. These are charged to your tenant, so the service is essentially cost-free to landlords except during void periods.
There are small additional charges which we need to pass on to cover the costs that we are charged for cash top-offs at Payzone and the Post-office, and for supplying optional payment cards.
There are no hidden costs.

Is my site suitable?

Landlord Metering’s modern metering solution can be installed in most locations. It only requires a reasonable mobile phone signal and that each sub-metered flat or unit is on its own circuit – normally it will have its own fuse box or consumer unit.

No-Quibble 1 Year Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love the convenience and savings you will enjoy with Landlord Metering that we offer a one year, no quibble money guarantee on your deposit.
Landlord Metering will always give you an honest assessment and advise you if we feel our solution is not right for you.

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