Our Team

Gary Wernick (Founder)

 After starting his career at the Bank of England and Reuters, Gary moved to Elexon, where he was helped write the rules used to open up the UK electricity market for retail competition.  He has worked for several energy companies both in the UK and abroad, including being head of back-office of a Supplier, as well as in charge of testing of the European Gas & Power trading arm of Total.
In addition to his energy experience, he has also been in charge of developing sixty riverside flats in Gainsborough (and remains director of the Management Company) and has a small buy to let portfolio.
He holds an MBA from Cass, an MSc in Operational Research from Lancaster and an MA in Physics and Management Studies from Johns, Cambridge and is a Certified Systems Analyst.

Motti Haber (Head of Operations)

 Motti looks after the day to day running of the business.   
He started his career as a para-legal before moving into logistics, with his last position before joining us being in charge of a team of eight for an ecommerce company.  

 Rodgers Gambara (Manager – Landlord Support)

Rodgers’ primary focus is to look after Landlords – explaining our services to potential new clients, and ensuring that we delivery a superb level of customer care.
 He was previously the Manufacturing Operations Manager for Cairns Foods in at one of their plants in Zimbabwe.
Rodgers holds an MBA from Cranfield and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Blida University (Algeria).   


 Nicola Gallet (Manager – Tenant Support)

 Nicola operates our tenant helpline – 24 hours a week, 365 days a year on a freephone telephone number.  Based in Wigan, Nicki’s team use complex interactive scripts to resolve most tenant issues immediately,  and escalate the remainder to the Landlord Metering team.