How does it work?

We supply you with a PAYG smart sub-meter for every tenanted area. Your tenants pay us for their electricity before they use it, and we reimburse you monthly for the electricity that they have used. For some industrial sites we are able to take over responsibility for the electricity supply to the site.  This will be a special arrangement and so the details on this page about installation, costs, etc. might not apply in that situation.

Is my Site Suitable?

To work the site has to be wired correctly with each area to be sub-metered on its own isolated circuit.  This is normally the case if each flat / industrial unit has its own consumer unit / fuse box. We also need a reasonable mobile phone signal, but we can provide aerials where there is weak reception.

What does it cost?

We charge a security deposit per meter of £120 for orders of four or more, (£175 for single meters, £150 for two or three).  There is no VAT.

We charge a daily standing charge of 26.5p per day per sub-meter plus VAT (normally 5% for residential and small businesses), and add a margin of 2p per kWh.

These are charged to your tenant, so the service is essentially free to landlords except during void periods.

How do I know that it is Going to Work?

We are so confident that our system that we offer a one year, no quibble money guarantee on your deposit.  The only exception is for large installations and for industrial parks where we take over responsibility for the supply. As they are our meters, we look after them for life.From our portfolio, we know that the system is robust and reliable.