About Us

Our Mission

Towards the end of 2015, our founder Gary Wernick decided to convert a two bedroom house in Doncaster into two flats.   He was shocked to discover that it would cost £1,800 to install an extra connection to the electricity network, ie to run a cable six feet.

None of the sub-metering services available met his needs as a landlord living over fifty miles away.  He couldn’t sell cards to tenants, collect pound coins, or attempt to bill tenants in arrears for their consumption.  He also needed a fraud proof system given the nature of tenants in that area.

Gary was well placed to solve this problem.  Not only did he have over twenty years experience in the Energy sector, but he was also a property developer.  Industry contacts put in touch with a new start-up, Meterix, who were developing the back-end computer systems and communication system to run smart meters on a PAYG basis in conjunction with Iskraemeco, one of the largest European meter manufacturers.  A partnership was quickly agreed for Landlord Metering would offer a unique service where landlords could effectively “install and forget” virtual MPANs.

We will run everything for you

Gary Wernick has set up our service exactly to fulfil your needs as a fellow landlord. 

Whether it’s providing advice on regulation, scouring the energy market to make sure that you and your tenants are getting the best deal or ensuring that VAT in mixed residential/commercial properties is charged at the correct rate, we understand what it is that landlords want, need, and deserve – and we always strive to provide it.

You will get a single payment directly into your bank account at the end of each month for the full cost of the electricity used by your tenants in each site.



See Vanessa Warwick of Property Tribes interview with Gary about the founding of Landlord Metering (June 2018).

Looking after your tenants as they deserve 

Not only do we manage the back-end of the meters, but we also provide support for tenants in the form of user friendly guides, freephone 24 x 7 UK based Help Line and an exclusive cash payment top-up channel through Payzone and Post Offices. 

We usually resolve any issues without your even being aware.


And for a lower cost than trying to run sub-meters yourself.  How can we do It?

If you use Meterpay directly you will be charged 20% VAT – an amount which cannot be recovered in the overwhelming majority of cases. We have structured ourselves and our services to be VAT efficient, meter deposits are zero VAT rated, and our services are charged at 5% for domestic and even for the majority of commercial tenants. This big cost advantage goes a long way to paying for our additional services.

As Meterpay’s biggest customer we are able to bulk purchase meters and their services, and we are geared up to offer our services efficiently.

And finally, we recognise that many of our tenants are in energy poverty and are keenly aware of our social responsibilities. We pass our cost savings onto you and your tenants, and set our tariffs to only make modest profits.

See More For Less for more details of why it makes sense to use our service rather than attempt to run the sub-meters yourself.